Grote zus

Een paar hoofdpunten uit het boek "The Big Sister's Guide To The World Of Work: The Inside Rules Every Working Girl Must Know."

-Go to the best gym you can afford.
-Take every possible opportunity for training.
-If your industry involves travel opportunities, take them.
-If you are traveling for work, to a trade show for example, ask around to find out who else is going.
-When traveling, skip room service and eat with the highest higher ups who are willing to be seen in public with you.
-Go to every single stupid company function and party.
-Be a do-gooder. Sucessful people volunteer.
-Go to your alumni reunions.
-Go to places where other professionals not in your industry congregate.
-Join industry groups and other professional organizations and participate in them as much as possible.
-Build your base of people through a variety of social events that expose you to new people and interests.

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