Networking: What Not To Do

Een geweldig artikel gevonden op Businessweek.com:
Networking: What Not to Do

Een klein stukje uit het artikel (vast wel herkenbaar voor de connectors pur sang onder ons):

Avid networkers are keen on meeting people who are well-connected and seek out such individuals with vigor. The only hitch is that people, as a rule, like to be valued for who they are, not for who they know.So it is the apex of discourtesy to ask to meet someone, then show up with no understanding of the person's background or activities. If you've heard loads about a person and have been encouraged by half a dozen colleagues to introduce yourself, it behooves you to do a little research before you meet.Otherwise, you broadcast: "I heard that you were well-connected, and I reached out to you on that basis. It wasn't worth my time to spend six seconds reviewing your bio." If you want to communicate the message "I don't care about you, only your Rolodex," there's no better way to do it.

Bron: Businessweek.com


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