The Chief Happiness Officer over de zakelijk netwerken

Op Business Networking Advice gaat Alexander Kjerulf in op zakelijk netwerken.

Alexander Kjerulf is Chief Happiness Officer, auteur van "Happy Hour is 9 to 5 - how to love your job, love your life and kick butt at work", spreker, Consultant.

De volgende twee vragen zijn volgens Alexander belangrijk bij het netwerken:
"Always start with this question: What can I give? How much of your time, ideas, products, thoughts, inspiration, energy can you give to others?

It's obvious that you can't give everything away, because you still have to make living yourself. So in your network, give away as much as possible. You'll find that the more you give, the more you get. Generosity, as opposed to "what's in it for me", is at the root of all good business networking.

The second question is: Where is my passion? You can't network effectively around something you're not passionate about. No passion, no fun. Passion is also the best way to attract other people and the best way to determine who to network with: Go look for the passionate people."

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