"Netwerker" als archetype

Ik vond op de website van Caroline Myss een interessant stukje tekst over het archetype "netwerker".

Networker (Messenger, Herald, Courier, Journalist, Communicator)

Although networking seems like a very modern skill tied to career advancement in the media age, it is actually quite ancient. Networkers expand their sphere of influence by forging alliances and making connections among vastly different groups of people, and can be traced back to the intrigues of the Middle Ages, Greece, Rome, and ancient China. Networking would also have been an integral part of any military alliance as well as all social and clan confederations in prehistory. In its positive aspect, this archetype has a it helps us develop social flexibility and empathy that enables it to find commonality with others who might not at first seem to be potential friends, allies, or confederates. Like the related archetypes of Messenger and Communicator, the Networker has the skills to bring information--or power-- and inspiration to disparate groups of people. The shadow Networker merely uses others for personal gain.

Bron: Myss.com


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