Talent management en netwerken

Ik vond een interessante PDF van Deloitte over talent management, "Connecting People To What Matters". Het verbinden van mensen is daar volgens dit verhaal een belangrijk onderdeel van en staat bovendien boordevol pointers hoe hiermee om te gaan.

Enkele citaten:

"Research suggests that successful managers dedicate 70 percent more time to networking activities and 10 percent more time to communication than their less successful counterparts.1 It is through their networks that people learn, create, energize one another, and open channels to new opportunities."

"Connecting people to people is about building and sustaining intentional networks of high-quality relationships. Decades of research suggest a strong link between personal networks and effective execution, innovation, learning, and individual career growth."

"Five reasons to focus on people’s networks and the quality of their relationships:

1. Complexity. As jobs become more complex, people are increasingly dependent on one another.
2. Learning. People learn and create knowledge largely through their interactions with one another.
3. Decision-making. Leaders make the most effective decisions when they engage stakeholders in respectful ways.
4. Energy. High-quality interactions create energy. Toxic interactions and conflict avoidance sap energy.
5. Innovation. Innovators cultivate richer and more diverse networks than their less innovative counterparts."

Bekijk de PDF

(Bron: Deloitte)


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